Pennsylvania’s reopening continues and we want to inform you of PBA’s latest actions in our continuing effort to protect members’ businesses. Among other initiatives, PBA leadership and staff have engaged in ongoing dialogues with the Governor’s Office, the Department of Labor & Industry and the Department of Community and Economic Development. Our persistent lobbying contributed to the change allowing for an unlimited number of workers outside of structures. Previously, the Administration limited residential construction to four workers per work site in total. We continue to push for more clarifications and for workplace flexibility.

Among other things, we have asked the Administration to give residential construction parity with commercial construction in the number of workers allowed inside structures. In addition, we are pushing the Administration to relax unnecessary restrictions on construction as counties move from Red to Yellow within the Governor’s opening scheme. We maintain that most parts of residential construction are inherently socially distanced and should be able to resume more traditional practices when counties go to Yellow.

We understand that the Administration still has not issued substantive guidance governing model homes and how they can operate. PBA maintains that model homes are an integral part of the residential construction business and we are lobbying for clear and workable rules.

Finally, all our members are affected when some of our members cannot contribute their efforts to the homebuilding process. Kitchen cabinet manufacturing is still constrained by rules that do not govern many other lines of business. We have repeatedly raised this concern to the Wolf Administration and until we secure relief, PBA will not stop lobbying for a reopening of kitchen cabinet manufacturing and relief for all of the industry’s supply chain contributors.

We are confident that PBA’s members can perform the vast majority of their jobs while still observing the latest safety mandates from the CDC, OSHA, and the PA Department of Health. Members just need the chance to prove that they can carry out their mission without increasing worker or customer exposure to COVID-19. PBA has been carrying that message to the Wolf Administration since the shutdown began. We will not stop until this crisis is over and we thank you for your continued support.

Dan Durden, CEO
Pennsylvania Builders Association