October is Careers in Construction Month and PBA is celebrating the various career and technical schools throughout the state that are part of the Endorsed Trade Program.

Each day in October, PBA will spotlight a specific school on the association’s Facebook page. Each school will be displayed along with the curriculum that is part of the Endorsed Trade Program. Links to the school will be provided so users can obtain more information. Be sure to follow the PBA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pabuilders.

“We are very proud to support the schools in the Endorsed Trade Program,” said ETP Director Dave DiPasquale. “The quality of instruction and the intense attention to details are providing the home building industry with a fantastic group of workforce professionals.”

Currently there are 31 schools who are enrolled in the Endorsed Trade Program. All aspects of the home building industry – from carpentry and masonry to electrical occupations, HVAC & refrigeration, plumbing, and painting are covered.

For a full list of programs – and more information on how to apply and support the Endorsed Trade Program, please visit www.pbaendorsedtrade.org.