PHRC Webinar Series – Control Layers: Vapor Barriers & Retarders


Instructor: Christopher Hine (Housing & Land Development Specialist, PHRC) Handouts Link to Webinar: Description There are a few control layers within an assembly, and in this webinar, we will look […]

Lebanon County BA 50th Annual Home and Garden Show

Lebanon Expositition Center & Fairgrounds 80 Rocherty Road, Lebanon

Every year, more than 120 exhibitors and partners choose the Lebanon County Home & Garden Show to promote their products and services. Don't miss this unique opportunity to raise brand awareness, […]

Duct & Envelope Testing Basics Virtual Webinar

Virtual Webinar

Envelope air leakage (blower door) testing is now required for every new home built in Pennsylvania. In addition, duct leakage testing is required for every new home that has any […]