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Committees & Task Forces

One of PBA's greatest member benefits is networking with other important people in Pennsylvania's home building industry. Participating in a PBA committee, council or subcommittee is also an opportunity to make a real difference in the industry. If you are interested in committee participation, please call PBA at 717.730.4380.

2017 PBA Committee Nominations

To request an appointment for a 2017 PBA Committee, click here.
Deadline to submit your interest is November 18, 2016.

All PBA Committees

  • Bylaws
  • Finance
  • Government Affairs
  • Housing Finance
  • Membership
  • Non-Dues Revenue
  • PaCAH (Pennsylvania Committee for Affordable Housing) 
  • PHRC (Pennsylvania Housing Resource Center)
  • Public Relations/Public Affairs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce Training and Education


  • Associates Council 
  • Executive Officers Council (EOC)
  • Professional Women in Building Council


GA Subcommittees

  • Industry Action Fund
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis

GA Task Forces

  • Chapter 102 Fix-It Legislation
  • Defend Against Adverse Implementation of Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy/Defend Against Excessive Proposed TMDL Regulations - EPA
  • Defend Against Excessive Erosion/Sediment Control/Stormwater Management Regulations
  • Defend Against Excessive Municipal Construction Codes
  • Defend Against Proposed Legislation to modify the state's farmland preservation program
  • Home Improvement Contractor Reform
  • Municipal Fee Abuse
  • Property Tax Reform
  • Reform PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit Program
  • Stucco & Manufactured Stone

BSI Committees

  • Health Insurance
  • Workers Comp

More Information on Hammers & Gavels Club

This vital program represents the grassroots efforts of Pennsylvania's home building community. PBA works hard to effectively communicate our position on legislation and policy, but constituents are the keystone for many legislators. Even if you don't have a strong relationship with your Congressman, State Senator, or Representative, this is the perfect year to develop one. With so many changes occurring, strong local relationships with elected officials help us maintain a voice for builders in Harrisburg. If you're interested in developing a relationship with your elected officials, or learning more about the many issues that PBA deals with, contact us about the Hammers & Gavels program! Contact Jill Pento.

Upcoming PBA events

2016 Committee Members

The following list designates the members for each committee, as appointed by the 2016 PBA President and Vice President. Please note, only the members listed below are currently appointed to serve on each committee, however, most committee meetings are open to any PBA member. 

Chair: Kert Sloan
Vice Chair: Frank Vargish
Staff Liaison: Mary Ann Sesler
Theodore Claypoole
Elizabeth Dupuis
Peter Gallagher
Gene Kreitzer

Chair: Dick Clawson
Jim Brown
Dan Durden
Joe Harcum
Andrew Kaye

Chair: Kert Sloan
Jake Arner
Dave Balent
Paul Bell
Steve Black
Janet Campis
Cindy Cepko
Maria Coutts
Larry Eberly
Peter Gallagher
Andrew Kaye
Paul Laskey
Gary Lenker
Amy Martino
Dion McMullen
Bill Mulhern
Cathy Sloan
Jon Sukonik
Ray Venema

Non-Dues Revenue
Chair: Andrew Kaye
Co-Chair: Peter Gallagher
Staff Liaison: Doug Vu
Dave Balent
Janet Campis
Wayne Keech
Gary Lenker
Laurie Lourie
Bill Mulhern

Public Relations/Public Affairs
Chair: Linda Schreiber
Vice Chair: Cathy Sloan

Dave Balent
Janet Campis
Cindy Cepko
Eugene Minnick
Mary Pucciarella
Kert Sloan
Ray Venema

Housing Finance
Chair: Gary Lenker
Vice Chair: Maria Coutts

Strategic Planning
Chair: Andrew Kaye
Vice Chair: Kert Sloan

Janet Campis
Peter Gallagher
Chris Gillen

PA Housing Research Center
Chair: Paul Laskey
Vice Chair: Jerry Leach
Staff Liaison: Sarah Miller
Jake Arner
David Balent
Dick Clawson
James Cohen
Peter Gallagher
Frank Kocher
Gene Kreitzer
Amy Martino
Jon Sukonik

Workforce Training & Education
Chair: Chris Warren
Vice Chair: Tim Britton
Staff Liaison: Tom Turnbaugh
David Balent
Larry Eberly
Chuck Hamilton
Dean Hilliard
Amy Martino
Shawn Najowicz
Walt Nyman
Warren Peter

Associates' Council
Chair: Frank Vargish
Staff Liaison: Doug Vu

Elizabeth Dupuis
Mary Pucciarella
Linda Schreiber
Steven Snyder
Neil Stein

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