In 2023, the PBA Workforce & Education Committee started a task force to develop resources and materials for local home builders associations to expand their efforts and outreach to the future of our workforce. The materials and samples are meant to be utilized by local Executive Officers and members to not only bring students into programs sponsored by the PBA Endorsed Trade Program, but also to other opportunities that support the industry.

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So what is the PBA Endorsed Trade Program?

The Endorsed Trade Program was designed to work with schools across Pennsylvania to provide students with industry-recognized certification to strengthen their skills and qualifications. The program created a network between PBA members, local student chapters, and the community that provides training and confidence to launch students into a fulfilling career.

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Which programs should you target?

The link below provides a list of career and technical schools in the state of Pennsylvania. Highlighted schools are already part of the PBA Endorsed Trade Program. Information includes the name of the school, the town and county where the school is located as well as a list of home-related programs offered according to the school’s website. Before contacting any school, it is best to do your research. Use the website link provided and thoroughly study what the school has to offer.

PA CTC List - as of November 15, 2023


Making Contact

Before you get started, it is important to follow a process that has been developed by Endorsed Trade Program Director Dave DiPasquale. It is equally important – at all stages – to communicate with Dave prior to contacting schools in terms of the Endorsed Trade Program so that you are collaborating on any conversations Dave has already had with administrators or instructors. Email Dave HERE.

Endorsed Trade Process and Timeline

CTCs that are currently partnering with the Endorsed Trade Program follow a timeline for reviews. It is best to know where your local CTC falls in the process.

It’s important to be prepared with facts and talking points when you are connecting with your local CTC as well as the media. Study the following and do research so that you are armed and ready. In addition, check out the suggested script for talking with the schools.

Workforce Talking Points

Phone Contact Script Template


Promotional Materials

At times, it is appropriate to supply schools with promotional materials. These can be sent either as digital files or print. Below are links to postcard PDFs and well as a general poster promoting a career in the trades. Customized posters with local HBA’s logos and contact information can be downloaded from the local’s Google drive where PBA provides specific promotional items.


Posters for each local’s logo have been produced and are available in the local’s Google drive. For help on accessing those files, please contact us HERE.

Start Your Future Poster/Flyer








Career Promotional Postcards

Carpentry Postcard
Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installer Postcard
Electrical Trades Postcard
HVACR Postcard
Masonry Postcard
Painting Postcard
Plumbing Postcard
Welding Postcard


Customized Articles

The following articles can be used or customized by the local HBA for promotions including newsletters, media opportunities for the press, or provided to local educators and guidance counselors.

Why Should I Consider a Career in Building Construction?
Why Should I Consider a Career in Carpentry?
Why Should I Consider a Career as an Electrician?
Why Should I Consider a Career in HVAC?
Why Should I Consider a Career in Masonry?
Why Should I Consider a Career in Plumbing?
8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in the Trades

Press Releases

In order to maintain and grow your relationship with CTCs, it is important to support them in the community. When they accomplish achievements or when you award scholarships to students, it is always best to alert the press. Below are a few sample press releases that you can customize to fit your needs.

Award Press Release Template


Social Media

Sometimes the press just isn’t enough, so it is always a good idea to be active on social media and promote these achievements as well as the fact that a career in the trades is economical and smart. Use the images and text below to customize your own message.

Facebook Images:

Workforce Development Promotions Facebook Image (MALE)

Workforce Development Promotions Facebook Image (FEMALE)

Instagram Images:

Workforce Development Promotions Instagram Image (MALE)

Workforce Development Promotions Instagram Image (FEMALE)


Social Media Examples

The link below provides examples of social media text that can be used to inform the public about the advantages of a career in the skilled trades.

Workforce Development Social Media Text Examples