When the home building industry joins forces with the school and instructor it takes the program to a different level. Professionals have so much to offer these students – expertise in specific fields. Make a big deal about it, celebrate that student, you will eventually reap the rewards of doing so.

Some examples of how to participate include:

  1. Take on a student in a CO-OP program and give them an education on a real jobsite, no matter how well-intentioned an instructor is, that experience can’t be replicated in a classroom/shop setting.
  2. Take time to explain what you are doing, and why you are doing it the way you are.
  3. Join an Occupational Advisory Committee and help guide your local program to fit the needs of our industry.
  4. Local HBAs should invite local students to your association’s events.
  5. Give a scholarship to a student going to college, or a toolbox filled with tools to a student going directly into the workforce.
  6. Keep the instructor up to date on the latest and greatest tools, equipment, and materials.
  7. Participate as end of program testing (NOCTI) proctors or Skills USA events.
  8. Donate tools and materials to your schools.
  9. Involve NAHB student chapter students and teachers in the HBA events like HBA Builder shows or community service projects.
  10. Hire students from these programs into your organization.