On Saturday, October 9, the Pennsylvania Builders Association Board of Directors voted to affirm the slate of 2022 officers. Elections were held for Senior Officers, NAHB Representatives, and Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Legislative Officers, and PHRC Representatives.

Board members unanimously elected the following Senior Officers:

  • Cathy Sloan, President-Elect. During 2021, Ms. Sloan has served as PBA Vice President. She is also the Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of Berks County. Her company is Aluminum Associates/Sloan Corporation.
  • John Olson, Vice President-Elect. Mr. Olson is a member of the Wayne Pike BIA and is the owner of John Olson Enterprises.
  • Thomas McCosby, Secretary-Elect. Mr. McCosby, of T.W. McCosby LLC is a member if both the Lawrence County Builders Association and the Mercer County Builders Association.
  • Dean Hilliard, Associate Vice President-Elect. Mr. Hilliard is President of A.C.&R. Services Inc. and a member of the Central Susquehanna Builders Association.
  • Richard Clawson of the Indiana-Armstrong Builders Association will remain as PBA Treasurer for 2022.
  • Cindy Cepko, of the Wayne Pike BIA and Granite Homes Inc., will serve as Immediate Past President.

The Board also elected the following members to positions representing Pennsylvania to NAHB:

  • NAHB State Representative – Maria Coutts, Wayne Pike BIA
  • Builder State Delegate to NAHB – Jon Sukonik, HBA of Bucks & Montgomery Counties
  • Associate State Delegate to NAHB – Amy Martino, BA of Metropolitan Pittsburgh

Members elected to the positions of Regional Vice President (RVP), Regional Legislative Officer (RLO), and PHRC Representative include:

  • MIDEAST REGION – Darrell Adams (RVP), Robert Wright (RLO), Gene Kreitzer (PHRC)
  • MIDWEST REGION – Matt Houser (RVP), Gene Horomanski (RLO), Richard Clawson (PHRC)
  • NORTHCENTRAL REGION – Steve Brown (RVP), Hurley Kane (RLO), Laurel F. Mueller (PHRC)
  • NORTHEAST REGION – Jake Arner (RVP), Dave Balent (RLO), Dave Balent (PHRC)
  • NORTHWEST REGION – Paul Bell (RVP), RLO to be determined, Thomas McCosby (PHRC)
  • SOUTHCENTRAL REGION – Kevin Kozo (RVP), John Bear (RLO), PHRC to be determined
  • SOUTHEAST REGION – Bill Creeger (RVP), Rich Carroll (RLO), Jon Sukonik (PHRC)
  • SOUTHWEST REGION – Heather Dieckmann (RVP), Matt Keith (RLO), Daniel Meade (PHRC)

Congratulations to all the 2022 officers!