The PBA Winter 2021 Committee and Board of Directors Meetings were held the week of February 24-27. The meetings were all held in a virtual format and open to all members.

As part of the week’s events, PBA held the first – and hopefully the last – virtual installation ceremony.

The evening was kicked off with a special thank you for 2020 PBA President Jon Sukonik who dealt with a multitude of challenges during his term due to COVID-19. Members acknowledged the hard work Jon did to make sure the best interested of the homebuilding industry were forefront in the state adminstration.

Incoming Vice President Cathy Sloan welcomed attendees and introduced special guests Alicia Huey, 2021 NAHB Second Vice Chair; Judy Dinelle, NAHB Membership Committee Second Vice Chair; and Carole Jones, NAHB Professional Women in Building (PWB) Past Chair, who were all on hand to administer the oath of officer to the following officers.

2021 Professional Women in Building

Anya Chrisanthon, PWB Chair

Melissa Curren, PWB Vice Chair

Robin Ruhmel, PWB Treasurer

Carolyn Morrison, PWB Secretary

2021 Executive Officers Council

Carla Zapotek, President

Keri O’Shea, Vice President

2021 Regional Vice Presidents

Darrell Adams, Mideast

Matt Houser, Midwest

Dean Hilliard, Northcentral

Jake Arner, Northeast

Paul Bell, Northwest

Keith Petrisek, Southcentral

Bill Creeger, Southeast

Heather Dieckman, Southwest

2021 Regional Legislative Officers

Greg Harris, Mideast

Gene Horomanski, Midwest

Dave Balent, Northeast

Thomas McCosby, Northwest

Tom Garman, Southcentral

Rich Carroll, Southeast

Todd Klippa, Southwest

2021 PBA Senior Officers

Cathy Sloan, Vice President

John Olson, Secretary

Richard Clawson, Treasurer

Shawn Prohaska, Associate Vice President

Incoming 2021 PBA President Cindy Cepko (Wayne-Pike BIA), asked her good friends and mentors Kevin and Maria Coutts to administer the oath of office. Both Kevin and Maria are PBA Past Presidents.

Following the oath, Cindy addressed those attending the ceremony and pledged to do whatever she can to guide the Association this year. She stressed the emphasis that she will make on growing and maintaining membership as well as engaging members throughout the state. Of particular importance is her goal of urging members to do business with members.

The various committee meetings throughout the week saw members discussing issues and setting action plans to make sure goals are accomplished. President Cepko requested that all committees review strategic goal progress, set and assign new action plans, and to communicate and meet more frequently throughout the year.

The GA Committee was fortunate to have PA Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler join in and speak to members.

The Saturday morning Board of Directors meeting brought all members up to speed on the business and activities of PBA. Reports were presented from the GA Chair Jim Rumbaugh, Membership Chair John Olson, Treasurer Richard Clawson, EOC President Carla Zapotek, and PBA CEO Dan Durden. NAHB Area 3 Vice President Andrew Kaye and BUILD-PAC Trustee Maria Coutts also provided updates on those activities.

Cindy Cepko addressed the members in attendance and again stressed the importance of working together and reaching out to potential members to share the benefits of being involved with their local HBAs.

The Summer Committee and Board of Directors meetings will also be held virtually July 12-16.