This program is available for home building trade construction programs offered by any Pennsylvania school that meets PBA’s endorsement requirements. Schools must have prior program approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education through its Bureau of Career and Technical Education. Specific programs eligible for PBA’s endorsement have been identified using the standard program CIP Codes for secondary education, or other PDE designation for post-secondary education.

Schools seeking endorsement must have the approval of the local home builders association as part of the application process. There are 30 associations throughout Pennsylvania. Additionally, schools must have an active NAHB Student Chapter.

As part of its affiliation with the student chapter, the local builders association will sponsor various activities for student chapter members, including inviting them to local meetings and encouraging their participation in association activities and/or events. The local association will encourage its members to serve on local occupational advisory committees, and participate in students’ year-end job-readiness assessments.

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Lead instructors must hold a valid Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching certificate in the trade area being endorsed. In addition, the instructor must have a minimum of two years practical experience in residential construction and remain informed of the advances in construction technologies through trade-related continuing education.


Programs will be evaluated based on criteria established by the PBA that builder members have determined will provide an educational and training environment that will lead to a leadership role in the construction trade industry.

The review team may consist of peer educators and administrators from similar programs, representatives of the residential construction industry and PBA. Upon completion of a program application, the Endorsement Director will review the application and appendices and schedule an on-site visit. At the conclusion of the site visit, the review team members will issue their recommendations to the PBA Board.

Program endorsement is for a term of three school years. Fees are based on initial review, with discounts for multiple programs or continuation after three years.


The Pennsylvania Foundation for Housing approved a revised fee structure for the Endorsed Trade Program beginning with the 2023-2024 school year as follows:

  • $1,500 – The fee for each school that participates in the ETP (cost to do business)

Upon review, the additional cost per program is based on the number of qualifying programs offered by the school and will be priced at:

  • $175 per program for schools with 1-3 programs
  • $150 per program for schools with 3-5 programs
  • $125 per program for schools with 6 or more programs

Note: Evaluation fees do not include the additional costs for stipends, travel, meals, and overnight lodging. The PBA Endorsement Period is for three (3) school years only. At the conclusion of each Endorsement Period, schools must reapply for continued endorsement subject to program availability from PBA.

All checks should be made payable to:
The PA Foundation for Housing, Inc.
And mailed to
The PA Foundation for Housing c/o PA Builders
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